Wheater a simple haircut or a permanent wave, you will see here.

Ladies Offers Short hair Medium hair Long Haar
Cut and blow dry CHF 32.00 CHF 37.00 CHF 42.00
Cut and color
inc. Meches Plus
CHF 65.00
CHF 35.00
CHF 75.00
CHF 35.00
CHF 85.00
CHF 35.00
Permanent wave CHF 85.00 CHF 96.00 CHF 108.00
Straighten or Curls CHF 35.00 CHF 45.00
Hair care inc. blow dry CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00 CHF 45.00
for all AHV and students 10% reduction
Eyebrows CHF 15.00
Upper lips CHF 9.00
Eyebrows and upper lips CHF 22.00
for all AHV and students 10% reduction
Men Offers
normal cut CHF 27.00
only machine 0-22 mm CHF 19.00
Students CHF 22.00
AHV and retired mens (normal cut) CHF 19.00
plus wash CHF 10.00
Kids to 13 years CHF 17.00

Beside the cash you can also pay with
the following method of payment:


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